A Few Student Testimonials

from Schoolcraft College

(Many who are seniors)

This documented information can be obtained and verified upon request.























"Mr. Wilson has a gift for teaching that few instructors have"

"Mr. Wilson is patient, concise, knowledgeable, kind and professional. In education, we talk about "Best Practices." Mr. Wilson knows his audience
and how to meet them where they are. He is perfect for those
of us that are "Digital

"I have taken three classes with Mike."


"Mike is one of the best instructors I have ever had!"

"He is very patient with individual student problems"

"Mike Wilson is the best Instructor at Schoolcraft"

"Outstanding class and instructor. Instructional materials were
clearly presented and all learning activities were demonstrated."


"Best computer class I have taken at Schoolcraft"

"Mr. Wilson simplifies what otherwise would be difficult to understand."

A Student Testimonial Worth Noting

from Wayne County Community College:

"I wish I could be what Mr. Wilson makes me think I am,
but when I go home I try very hard! (smile)"

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