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Senior computer students in class at Schoolcraft College


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Senior Spotlight: March/April
(The particular video is 21:04 long)

This video will show senior center administrators
commenting on a number of computer classes Mike offers.



Letters of Recommendation
from Administrators

(Please note that names, phone numbers, locations, and

some other information have been omitted below solely

because of cursory traffic on this website.)

To view the names of administrators, phone numbers, and institutions:
If you are an administrator, click on the "More" tab above,
then "ADMIN/Recommendations." Next, put in your
password that was e-mailed to you.



If you are an administrator, click on the "More" tab above, then "Directors/Coordinators." Next, put in your password that was e-mailed
to you to view information about the free class, 1-4 day
sessions, fees, and other information.


To Whom It May Concern,

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Computer Instructor, Mike Wilson, to your community. 

Mike has been affiliated with                                                      and apartments as the Resident Computer Support personnel for at least a decade, and I’ve enjoyed working with him on various projects throughout the years.  He has proven himself many times over to be an expert as Computer Teacher/Instructor.


He has been the go-to person for all things computer related for 700+ residents here at                                      .  Mike works as the need should arise with various technical issues from computer repair to virus and malware removal and beyond.

Although he is regarded as a contract service provider, he is a dedicated team player that serves our residents with kindness, dignity and a desire to help them learn and understand.  I have never received anything other than rave reviews about Mike, whether he is offering one-on-one support or conducting a class.  He is a trusted and caring individual, so much so that our residents are comfortable inviting him into their homes.  He will often tutor them while helping with their issue(s).

 I would be remiss if I did not mention the continuing education classes he conducts regularly.  Classes are helpful, well organized and thought-out.  Mike has a keen sense of what is relative to the population he is teaching, which results in his classes being quite popular and well attended.

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Mike.  He is an all-around great person whose professionalism shines through.

Please feel free to contact me at                               should you like to discuss further.


Best wishes,



Community Activity Coordinator

Resident Services Department




To Whom It May Concern,

This letter of recommendation is being written for Mr. Mike Wilson. Mr. Wilson is currently employed as a computer instructor for the daytime and evening programs with the organization. Mr. Wilson has been with                                 since October 2005.

Mr. Wilson is a dedicated teacher and staff member with the organization. He is an excellent teacher who works well with administration, students, and co-workers. Mr. Wilson continually develops new and innovative methods to enhance student learning and achievement. He possesses a strong knowledge of his content area and finds varied styles to deliver the curriculum to meet the needs of his students.

Through the years, Mr. Wilson has adapted and modified curriculum to meet student needs and enhance student knowledge. Mr. Wilson continually strives to improve teaching techniques and displays flexibility with different learning styles.

In summary, Mr. Wilson is a devoted teacher who genuinely enjoys education as his profession. Mr. Wilson possesses the skills, experience, and classroom dedication that define him as a true asset for the organization. I would definitely recommend Mr. Wilson for any position he applies for in the teaching realm.

Please feel free to contact me at                             should you have any questions regarding Mr. Wilson’s employment with the organization.





I am writing to recommend the services of Mike Wilson. In my position as Adult Services Department Head at the                 Library.   I have worked with Mike for six years. He has served us well as an instructor and trainer for Microsoft office and other computer classes for our patrons and staff. His knowledge, patience and attention to detail have made him a favorite among our clientele. Repeatedly our course evaluations have sung Mike’s praises as an articulate and competent instructor whose soft spoken manner put class attendees at ease and inspired belief in their abilities.

I feel confident in recommending Mike’s services as a computer instructor for a wide range of audiences. He is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions.

If I can offer any further assistance, please feel free to contact me.



Adult Services Department Head


Re: Letter of Recommendation for Mike Wilson

To Whom It May Concern:


I am pleased to provide a letter of recommendation for Mike Wilson. I have known Mike professionally since 2008. For the past several years, he has more than exceeded my expectations in providing computer classes to our residents. I have found Mike to be trustworthy, and passionate about providing computer training and services to older adults [at our apartment complexes].


Mike has conducted numerous computer classes and workshops here at                                           . These classes have served beginner, intermediate and advanced level students. I have conducted dozens of interest surveys on Mike’s behalf and can sincerely convey that his classes are always in high demand. In addition to offering computer classes and workshops, Mike has provided a number of presentations on computer topics for the monthly Computer Users Group.


Mike exhibits a high degree of integrity and professionalism and possesses a multitude of desirable qualities when providing computer services to older adults.


If you need additional information, feel free to contact me at                                , Ext.         , or at home at                         .




S. W.

Community Resources Coordinator


To whom it may concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Michael Wilson for your computer training needs. Mr. Wilson has worked as a contract training instructor for the                            Library for many years. He has taught a variety of classes including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as introduction to computers, Internet, e-mail and digital photography. Recently, Michael conducted a session entitled "Help! I Have a Computer and I Don't Know What to Do Next..." which was well received.

Mr.  Wilson's class evaluations are always extraordinarily positive. The participants say that Michael knows the material and that his teaching style is pleasant and easy to understand. Most often, our patrons comment on  Michael's patience and this is invaluable as a majority of the attendees are either senior citizens or computer newbies. They comment that he never makes them feel inadequate about their skill level or lack of computer experience.

I highly recommend Michael Wilson for any of your computer training needs.






To whom it may concern:


Michael Wilson is currently teaching many computer classes to our senior citizens at the                          Senior Center. Michael is a great resource to our seniors and the staff. His courses are informational, hands-on and specific to the needs of the students. Michael is courteous, empathetic to the computer challenged and a great pleasure to work with.


If you are looking for an instructor that is dedicated, dependable and an all around wonderful instructor – look no further, Michael is your candidate.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at                  .




Administrative Director



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