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"I Need Help!" 5-Star Zoom Computer Classes

See What Administrators and Students
Have to   Say About Mike's Computer Classes!

WINDOWS 10 BOOK (2017) COVER_edited
Senior Computer Class
A Group of Seniors with Computers
Seniors with Windows 10 Book
Senior Couple in Computer Class
Seniors and Their Computers
Cell Phone Class for Seniors
Seniors Studying Computer Basics
June Kronner_edited
Mom and Daughter in Computer Class


Don't forget to click on the headings at the top of this page to get other
information a
bout taking classes with Mike in your area, "Public Place Tutoring,
administrator and students' comments, ordering books, and more".

Mr. Wilson has a gift for teaching
that few instructors have!

E.G., Schoolcraft College, Livonia


About Mike's
for Seniors

Loved this class. Mike explained info in an easy-to-
learn manner. Finally feel like I have some basic, beginning
computer knowledge from which to learn and grow.
Looking forward to future classes!

J.H., Midland, MI

Hello Mike! My mom took two of your classes in
Midland and learned so much! She wears hearing devices,
is almost blind, and is 91! You were GREAT!
Thank you for what you do! 

C. N., Midland, MI

See more student comments above, under "Students' testimonials".
(All quotes from students on this website have been documented
and can be verified by administrators upon request.)

If you are in Michigan, consider asking your center director to have
Mike instruct a one day seminar at your center, using his "Help!..." book.

Michigan author and computer instructor Mike Wilson has designed a user-friendly 100-pg. book. Whether for home use or in the classroom setting, his large-print, step-by-step book will not bog you down with a lot of paragraph reading. Mike has "cut to the chase" by streamlining his book to no more than 5 steps (per page) to completing over 60 different computer related tasks! Each page (with few exceptions) introduces you to a new "senior-friendly" task you can learn on your laptop or desktop computer. Mike's unique professional book will lay open and allow you to access your computer with both hands!

Mike's reasonably priced book covers topics such as: Turning your computer on and off, learning Windows, locating software programs, basic e-mail and attachments; printing options, playing music, using apps, copy and pasting, visiting websites, editing changes, viewing the contents of a flash drive and external drives, using pictures as desktop backgrounds, saving a file, keyboard shortcuts, playing games, creating folders and so much more!


(The book is not for tablets or Apple computers.)

Tons more older adults smiling while in computer class

A 1-day workshop in Midland, MI. Some of Mike's students (during break) out of 25 who attended.
All 25 students gave overwhelming
"A" ratings about Mike's workshop!


(Click "Super Fun 1-Day Class" at the top of this
website for more information on 1-day workshops)

The book has easy instructions on about 60 things
to do -- too numerous to mention here.



(Large print simple step-by-step instructions for
both personal or classroom use.)
You can even show the grandkids a thing or two!

Senior students taking group picture after computer class.

Another group of satisfied students, miles away. Thanks for the class, Mike!

"The book is very, very easy to use!
Mike Wilson is your tutor-in-a-book!"

Smiling seniors enjoying their computer class.

Mike has taught classes in over 40 cities in S.E. Michigan and 35 virtually statewide!

16 smiling older adults holding up smartphones during class.

Where in the World is Mike Wilson?
(And What is He Teaching Now?
Oh...Look Close...A Cell Phone Class!)

"We have had a great response and have registered 20 people with a waitlist of 15. We would like to schedule another class. Thanks for doing such a great job. The patrons really love the help you are offering!"

Donna Jenson


Trenton Veterans
Memorial Library



"We loved hearing the feedback from your class. One woman came to our department counter two separate times during breaks to rave about how great you were in the instruction and care you took with each participant"

Michele Vannerson

Assistant Director,

Chesterfield Twp. Parks and Recreation Department

"Mike is able to maintain a good rapport with his students and impart technical knowledge in an approachable and user friendly style. I highly recommend him and plan on having him come back and teach more classes in the future."

[To date, 12 live/virtual classes
taught for the R.O. Library.]

Matthew Day

Head Librarian, Adult Services Department
Royal Oak Public Library

"Nearly everyone gave
you ratings of 'excellent' across the board
[25 hands-on students for the workshop] on everything from presenting in a clear and interesting manner to being well prepared to answering questions satisfactorily

Nicolet V. Elert

Director, Society of Active Retirees (SOAR) Macomb -

Macomb Community College

"We would be glad to schedule another computer program for our patrons. The last session went very well; it was informative, well organized,

and entertaining. You are a great teacher!"

Tamara Sochacka

Director, Hamtramck
Public Library

"I have never received anything other than rave reviews about Mike, whether he is offering one-on-one support or conducting a class."

Nancy Sauter

Community Activity Coordinator, Henry Ford Village Retirement Community. (Recent name change to Allegria Village.)

"Mr. Wilson's class evaluations are always extraordinarily positive. The participants say that Michael knows the material and that his teaching style is pleasant and easy to understand."

Maryanne Bartles
Dearborn Public Library


"He is good. He really knows how to instruct those who are beginning and those who need a little computer assistance."

Matt Makowski


Clinton Township Senior
Adult Life Center

"Repeatedly, our course evaluations have sung Mike's praises as an articulate and competent instructor whose
soft spoken manner put class attendees at ease and inspire belief in their abilities."

Rebecca Havenstein-Coughlin,
Adult Services

Department Head (Retd.)
Canton Public Library


"Attached you will find...
course evaluations...on your...

workshop...the comments certainly contribute to the success of
our program.

Leslie Petty, Ed.D

Director of Continuing Education and Professional Development,

Schoolcraft College

"He possesses a strong knowledge of his content area and finds varied styles to deliver the curriculum to meet the needs of his students."

Becky Whitfield


St. Clair Shores Adult and Community Education


"For the past several years, he

has more than exceeded my expectations in providing computer classes to our

residents. "

Sandra Wyatt

Community Resources Coordinator (Retd),

Henry Ford Village Retirement Community. (Recent name change to Allegria Village.)


"Mike, thank you so much for teaching at Brecon Village over the last 4 weeks! We welcome you back any time to teach. I have heard nothing but positive feedback on the way you teach; your patience is amazing!"

Rachel Cordier, MS, CDP

Brecon Village
Community Relations Coordinator

Saline, Michigan

Mike is a good teacher.
He is very responsive.

P.K. Dearborn

Senior learning his computer
Senior man in computer class
Bought Mike's Book for Learning at Home
Alan F. in Dearborn, MI
"Well written and easy to comprehend!"
Jarrett L., in Mike's Class.
Farmington Hills, MI
Senior man enjoying the computer class
"Mike's book is easy to follow!"
Paul C. in Mike's Class.
Dearborn, MI

Mike is knowledgeable,
very patient, personable teacher who willingly answers questions, repeats when necessary,
and uses visual aids to encourage learners.

L.D, Dearborn

Older adult man posing in computer class

I love Mike's classes. They have helped me so much....Having his books will help me at home.

M.G, Farmington, MI

"It's a great book. Very helpful
and easy to understand!
Samir D. in Mike's Class.
Dearborn, MI
Senior lady at her laptop
"Book provides step-by-step directions
for the novice...a very good resource
for beginners....A keeper!"
Lucia D. in Mike's Class.
Dearborn, MI

I feel I graduated from being
less than an 8-yr. old. Thanks, Mike! See you in the fall!

Essie, P. in Mike's Class.

St. Claire Shores, MI

Senior woman after class holding her computer book in car.
Proud senior at computer after class.
"Mike was very knowledgeable in class!"
Essie P. in Mike's Class.
St. Claire Shores, MI
Lovely couple enjoying their computer class together.
Taking Mike's Class Together
Karen W. and Scott D.
In Mike's Class, St. Claire Shores, MI
She learned value information in this computer class.
"Just learning to retrieve my work alone
was worth the money for the class!"
Margo M. In Mike's Class
St. Claire Shores, MI
Senior student at her laptop.
"I love the book. Very easy to understand
with step by step instructions!"
Maribeth G. in Mike's Class.
Farmington, MI
Senior mother and senior daughter taking computer class together.
Two of Mike's Students
Having Enjoyed Their Class
Sharon K. and Diane H.
St. Claire Shores, MI
Another young senior in computer class.
"Great Learning Experience!"
Diane C. in Mike's Class.
St. Claire Shores, MI
Another senior student at her computer
"Have Book, Will Travel!"
Judy P. 
Dearborn, MI
Smiling senior at her computer desk after class
"Great Book! Easy to follow!"
Sharon P. in Mike's Class.
Farmington, MI
Younger female student in computer class with seniors students.
Just Finishing Class Today
Sherri E. In Mike's Class.
St. Claire Shores, MI
A couple older adults in computer lab during break.
"Easy to Use!"
Kim D. in Mike's Class.
St. Claire Shores, MI
Senior student in computer class taks a break to pose by computer
One of Mike's Students After Class
Susan T. in Mike's Class.
Huntington Woods, MI

I would recommend it
for any and all ages!

J. L, Farmington, MI

A very proud senior taking computer class
"Good Teacher!"
Gloria L. in Mike's Class.
St. Claire Shores, MI
Seniors everywhere in the computer class
"Very easy to read and understand"
Ruth B. in Mike's Class.
St. Claire Shores, MI
(With yet another group of
students in the background)

What I know about the computer I taught myself.
This was very, very helpful!
I learned quite a lot. 

J.K., St. Clair Shores, MI

"I find the book easy to understand"
June K. in Mike's Class.
St. Claire Shores, MI

Take a class with Mike. His in-class books are great for older adults!

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