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Mike Wilson's Computer
and Security Seminar


"Should I Click on That?"


Knowing What & What Not to
Do While Using Your Computer

Finally – a 5-hour workshop for older adults who are frustrated with their erratic computers! Senior-friendly instructor Mike Wilson will inform you what you should and should not click on. Computers were made to enjoy and not have the user stuck with unknown and frustrating things that occur.


We’ll use Mike’s “adult-friendly” book to cover:

Knowing What to Click On

Turning On Pop-up Blockers

Suspicious Pop-ups

Friendly Windows 10 Notifications


E-mail Ads and Links

Online Safety & Security

Scams to Know About

Malware Protection

Do Your Research

When Downloading Files

Good Cookies & Bad Cookies

Get Control of Your Device

The Real from the Counterfeit

Using Updates

Anti-virus Issues

Plus: User-Friendly Computer Definitions

Bonus Section: Enlarging Your

           Computer for Low Vision Users

Can't Attend Mike's Sessions...?

Then Purchase Any of His
Self-Guided "Step-by-Step Books"!

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